All of the members of our dental team endeavor to work in harmony with each other to maintain a peaceful and professional atmosphere that promotes relaxation and trust. We provide excellent, comprehensive dental care, in a respectful environment, at a fair price.

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We tailor a dental experience approach for each patient individually. Combinations of relaxation therapies, pet therapy, clarification of procedures, problem solving, focusing, medically supervised pre-treatment with anxiety medication, step-by-step pre-habilitation, nitrous oxide, and other options are available for anyone who would benefit from them, in any combination. Some teeth can even be frozen without a needle at all!

Be healthy

We utilize the most recent advances in dental technology to diagnose and treat concerns before they become problems. In combination with ongoing professional training, our experienced team utilizes Intraoral Cameras for accurate visualization, DIAGNOdent system for early cavity detection, Digital X-Rays for diagnosis with ultra-low radiation, and many other state-of-the-art materials.

Be well

We provide a broad range of restorative options that range from the repair of damaged teeth to the care of the gums that surround them.


Our experienced team has the ability to combine options in cosmetic dentistry to help create a patient’s dream smile. Concerns like spaces, crowding, worn down enamel and discoloration can be addressed with treatment like ultrathin veneers and other cosmetic materials, where a minimal amount of natural tooth is required.


We wish everyone a restful night’s sleep. A simple mouth appliance made in two visits can help patients, and those who sleep beside patients, get a better night’s sleep by eliminating snoring.


We pay special attention to stained or discolored teeth, since the solution to brightening them is so easy and painless. An in-office procedure that takes about an hour, or the dentist-supervised take-home kit are both effective and safe, without harmful UV rays.

Treat yourself

We can combine many state-of-the-art dental techniques to create a full smile makeover in as few as two visits. A whiter, healthier, straighter, brilliant smile is possible for anyone wanting to experience the confidence and enjoyment that comes from having a dazzling new smile.

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