If you are considering taking advantage of the Nitrous Oxide available in our office for dental procedures, you may benefit from the following information:

• Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”, is technically N20-O2 and typically, at maximum strength, is a mixture of 70% oxygen and 30% nitrous oxide.

• Nitrous oxide is administered through a small nasal hood, which is a little bulb-shaped apparatus that fits over your nose. You breathe normally throughout your dental appointment. General numbing techniques are still used for your treatment.

• Relaxation and pain-relieving properties begin within 2 minutes of administration. There is no wait time for the benefits to begin, and no wait time for the sedation effect to wear off. You are safe to drive yourself home afterwards.

• Nitrous oxide is safe for patients with epilepsy, liver, heart, or cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, and most respiratory issues. Please feel free to ask if it is recommended for you.

• Patients report some tingling sensations initially, then report feeling relaxed, warm, pleasant, a little light-headed, a bit giggly at times, floating, and worry-free.

Please don’t hesitate to inquire about nitrous oxide if you feel it may be right for you. We will be happy to show you the apparatus, explain in detail the experience, estimate the cost to you, or send a pre-authorization request to your insurance provider.

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